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S6E13 - Lane Chandler

Gayle Novak and Kim Klaver

Happy Yackers!

The meshing of these two incredible connectors is God ordained. After they first met, a four hour coffee date ensued which turned into a lasting friendship and ministry. I delight to be linked together for any occasion. We are all “Happy Yackers.”

It was such a serendipity to record “the real deal” with Gayle and Kim at Stillwelle Farm in Michigan. God is using this amazing property to encounter people from all walks of life and in varied circumstances. No matter the reason, God draws folks to this place with the desire to encounter them on this holy ground.

We laughed, we cried, we exhorted each other and stirred one another to love and good deeds. Together is better than alone. I trust you will be blessed as you listen to "Happy Yackers"

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S6E11 - Lisa J Flom

Conquering food disorder.

This is a common problem that may go undiagnosed more often than we know. Lisa Flom was vulnerable and honest about a struggle that she battled for a number of years but conquered in the knowledge of her true identity in Christ.

S6E10 - Ken Riley

A Man of Vision and Integrity Who Carried God-Sized Dreams

Every encounter with Ken Riley included stories of the big things God was doing and it all flowed so freely. Once, after speaking at @lakeanncamp, out of my mouth came, “Ken, I have to have you on the real deal podcast because we talk about real people, real stories, and a real God!”

Ken is the Executive Director of Lake Ann Camp in Michigan. We first met in 2014 after I was invited to speak at their women’s retreat. I’ve been delighted to return many times. It’s been a great memorable experience. This episode of “the real deal” I offer with great joy! May the stories of what God can do encourage your heart and strengthen your faith. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Rev. 19:10.

S6E9 - O Holy Night

The 2022 Ladies Christmas event at Elmbrook Church

I am on the planet to do this!

I had the privilege to speak at Elmbrook Church's Ladies Christmas Gathering last month. It was a lively time encouraging the ladies, telling stories of divine appointments and holy moments. Listen and join in!

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S6E8 - Jill Briscoe

The Timing of God in a Life Well Lived

What do a head nurse lying sick in a hospital bed, the Beatles, castles, a Salvation Army lady, a devoted father, the headmaster of a school, and the leader of England’s Capernwray Hall have in common?  They are all part of Jill Briscoe’s life and journey of faith. 

She spoke about her childhood in Liverpool, England. She recalled the bombings during WW II along with nightmares that followed and what she called “the birth of her doubting.” Fearful thoughts found fertile ground and a place to germinate in her mind.

The turn around from fear to faith was a journey.  The timing of God appropriately describes her life’s journey. 

We sat down to record this past summer just two months before her husband, Stuart Briscoe, passed away. 

This is a preserved precious memory of mine and I gladly offer this episode of “the real deal” to you. 

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S6E7 - Lisa Dorr

Finding Self Worth in the One Who Made Us Worthy

Multiple mic drop moments in this podcast! Lisa speaks of finding her self-worth in the one who made us worthy. She is a woman of rescue missions: from wanting people to know how rescued they are by God to taking on stray cats, she creates atmospheres of safety. Lisa hosted me as her house guest in the summer of 2019. She called her home the “house of help yourself” and I was delighted to be part of her family. 

Lisa returns to “the real deal” podcast, I interviewed her back in season two, episode three. During my first interview she unpacked her Christian Science faith background and her salvation testimony along with a rapid baptism in the bathtub! 

In this episode, however, she spoke of her reaction to losing her brother in a sudden motorcycle accident and the eating disorder that followed. Plus she shared about her journey with menopause and “going through the change” as well as allowing God to heal her mind through writing a devotional, “Daisy and the Bee” and her secure transformation from sinner to Saint!  I know you’ll be blessed by this episode. 

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S6E6 - Jill Miller

Fighting Through, Finding Hope and the Faithfulness of God

When Jill and I met it was a bit underwhelming because it was via conference call; I could only hear her voice. Meeting her in person and getting to minister together at Cedar Lake Ministries was a whole different experience, priceless!

She’s the real deal! No hiding…what you see is what you get and she’s delightfully honest and fun too. I attended her seminar and heard a bit of her story. Since we ministered two weekends back to back, I knew I needed to capture a time to sit down and interview her for “the real deal” podcast.

Jill shares her story of infertility, remarriage, how God had to reveal it to heal it, her love for music and more. I know you will be blessed to hear it. Also her song “Menopause Blues" is a hoot! Check it out on YouTube. I celebrate your significance and the genius of God in YOU!

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S6E5 - Tabitha Deller

See Him More Clearly. Love Him More Dearly. Walk With Him More Nearly.

Tabitha Deller is a returning guest and a sweet friend. This is what she said this regarding her new devotional, Near: "God came here to draw us near. This Advent, I’d love for you to join me on a truly life-changing Adventure! We’ll spend four weeks in the 28 chapters of the Gospel of Matthew gleaning from the very Word that became flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus’ words and His works, through His parables and miracles, will bring to life the promises He made and the prophecies He fulfilled. My prayer is that as we experience His proximity to us, it will bring clarity to His plan and purpose for us. So, what do you say? Join me on this journey as we draw near to God through the precision of Matthew, the promise of the Messiah, and His purposeful plan for you and me."

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S6E4 - Annie Davis

During Season One of  “the real deal” podcast I interviewed my cousin, Annie Davis before she moved to Redding, California to attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. I sat down with her after she graduated to capture another episode and I count it a privilege to share our conversion with you “real-dealers” out there. 

Annie’s  honesty and vulnerability about her own past along with the passion she has for those who feel voiceless make this an insightful episode. I share it with great joy. Expect somethings to shift in your own life as you listen. 

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S6E3 - Rachel on the radio!

Rachel is interviewed on K

This episode is a bit of a switcheroo. Rachel is typically interviewing her guests but her long-time friend, Lisa Dorr interviewed Rachel for her radio show, "Community Issues and Missions." Tune in to hear Rachel on the other side of the questions for once.

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